Commercial Realtor website designed to be responsive in more ways than one. - Commercial Realty in South Florida

Commercial Realtor website was recently launched for Peter Messina, CCIM. Mr. Messina, a commercial realtor located in Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, hired Agrotising, Inc. to design a website to promote his personal brand and showcase his realty services and property listings.

Responsive Design:

Now-a-days you can count on a website being viewed on a number of different devices – smart phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers  – each with different screen sizes. It was important to consider this when designing and building the website. That is why we used Skeleton, a Responsive Design theme with our custom website design.

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Responsive Socially:

Incorporating social platforms is another must for websites today. Displaying what you are writing about and the things you are accomplishing in your business in real time goes a long way with visitors to your site. Search engines also give preference to websites that add new or update content on a regular basis. Agrotising incorporated the lastest blog posting lead-ins and live streams from Twitter on the home page of

Responsive Lead Capturing:

Another great reason to have a website built on WordPress is the nearly endless choices to expand it’s capabilities by adding WordPress plug-ins and widgets. A contact form is a must for capturing leads. Agrotising added the Gravity Forms premium plug-in to Gravity Forms not only captures the input and sends a nicely-formatted email but also houses the data within the admin area on the website. Great for keeping a history of captured leads. Contact data collected on the site is exportable as a CSV file for importing into a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.

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