Black (and White) Friday E-newsletter Design with Branded Shopping Cart Page

E-newsletter Design:

Celebrate Black Friday in White at Chic Parisien Bridal Boutique in Coral Gables, FL. For this e-newsletter campaign Agrotising designed a Holiday Greetings e-blast announcing the event, and sent a follow-up version on Black Friday.

E-blast Posted on Social Networks

We used the iContact Email Marketing e-newsletter system. It allows for custom e-newsletter design, posting to Facebook and generates a web page that displays the e-newsletter with social media sharing links allowing others to share easily.


To complete the e-newsletter campaign we designed the main visual for the Chic Parisien online store. Like what you see? We can design one for you! Call 954-587-9093 or e-mail Agrotising today!


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