How to transition away from YP Internet advertising

Cancelling a Yellow Pages (YP) marketing program? What you need to know before making the change.

How to transition away from YP Internet Advertising

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How to transition away from YP Internet advertising.

Ending a relationship with YP can be scary. After all, they are the company that – in many cases – built your website and handles your online, and possibly print, marketing.

The first things you need to learn:

  • Do you own your domain name?
  • Who controls your website?
  • How much money is this change going to save you?
  • How much money is this change going to cost you?
  • And the biggest one of all…

How will people find me online after YP?

If you are like one of my customers, YP programs can include banner ads, sponsored ads, landing pages and YP-affiliated search engines. There are better approaches. And they often cost less.


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