A Successful Search Strategy Starts with a Strong Foundation and a Watchful Eye.

It is simple really. Search engines respond to consistency. If you’ve had your business for a while, chances are it is listed in a host of directories and search engines without any input on your part. If you have ever moved, or your phone number has changed, outdated information like that will weigh heavy on rising to the surface in local search results.

Creating a Local Search Foundation is a process to clean up, and unify the information that is out there on your business.

Local Search – Unifying Your Data and Optimizing Social Media Accounts

Having the right keywords, visuals and message on your social media accounts is another great way to draw people to your website. This Package takes care of all that and more!

  • Perform a Digital Search Engine Audit of Your Business
  • Claim, correct information and build-out your business profile on the most important local directories
  • Verify and populate Google Business, Google Maps and Apple Map listings
  • Setup and/or Optimize Social Media Accounts
Agrotising SEO Foundation Package

Online Monitoring and Building Reviews and Ratings:

Keeping tabs on what others say about your business online is not just a good idea, it is mandatory to keep your reputation up. With this package, you can rest assured that someone has your back by monitoring, reporting to you and engaging with those who post about your business.

  • Monitor the Internet for what others are saying about your business. Report to you in real time and interact – on your behalf – with those who post.
  • Establish a Ratings and Reviews portal to capture more customer feedback and help prevent bad reviews from being posted.
  • Monthly Reporting on Ratings and Reviews left across the Internet
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Agrotising Monitor and Reviews System

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