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Attorney Branding and Website Design by Agrotising

Hartmann Injury Law logo design by Agrotising, Inc.When Attorney Rhonda Hartmann opened her own practice in Weston Florida after being with another local firm for years she turned to Agrotising for her new branding and website.

For this attorney specializing in personal injury, it was important to set herself apart from the previous firm by establishing her own brand. It was also critical to have this done quickly to minimize the transition period with her existing clients.

Agrotising started by designing a logo and stationery package and had Rhonda’s business cards printed quickly. Scroll down to see the other projects we designed for The Law Offices of Rhonda Hartmann, P.A. 

Rhonda Hartmann P.A. Corporate Identity by Agrotising, Inc.

Next we designed a mobile-friendly WordPress website and optimized it for greater search engine results.

The responsive design allows the site to automatically reformat based on the screen size. In the photo below the navigation bar has changed on the smart phone to an easy to read drop down list.

We also branded her Facebook business page by creating a logo for the profile image and utilized one of the digital stock images used on the website for cover image. Door signage was next as she moved into her new office.

Rhonda Hartmann P.A. Facebook page

Now that the branding is established and the website has launched Agrotising can continue to improve Rhonda’s business with e-newsletters, local lead generation, print design and more. If you’re starting a new business or ready to put some polish to your existing business give us a call at 954-587-9093 or send us an email to learn how we would help you. Agrotising, we grow business by design!

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Black (and White) Friday E-newsletter Design with Branded Shopping Cart Page

E-newsletter Design:

Celebrate Black Friday in White at Chic Parisien Bridal Boutique in Coral Gables, FL. For this e-newsletter campaign Agrotising designed a Holiday Greetings e-blast announcing the event, and sent a follow-up version on Black Friday.

E-blast Posted on Social Networks

We used the iContact Email Marketing e-newsletter system. It allows for custom e-newsletter design, posting to Facebook and generates a web page that displays the e-newsletter with social media sharing links allowing others to share easily.


To complete the e-newsletter campaign we designed the main visual for the Chic Parisien online store. Like what you see? We can design one for you! Call 954-587-9093 or e-mail Agrotising today!

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Commercial Realtor website designed to be responsive in more ways than one.

CREFla.com - Commercial Realty in South Florida

Commercial Realtor website CREFla.com was recently launched for Peter Messina, CCIM. Mr. Messina, a commercial realtor located in Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, hired Agrotising, Inc. to design a website to promote his personal brand and showcase his realty services and property listings.

Responsive Design:

Now-a-days you can count on a website being viewed on a number of different devices – smart phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers  – each with different screen sizes. It was important to consider this when designing and building the website. That is why we used Skeleton, a Responsive Design theme with our custom website design.

See for yourself how your site displays on a variety of mobile devices right from your browser by visiting Responsinator.com.

Responsive Socially:

Incorporating social platforms is another must for websites today. Displaying what you are writing about and the things you are accomplishing in your business in real time goes a long way with visitors to your site. Search engines also give preference to websites that add new or update content on a regular basis. Agrotising incorporated the lastest blog posting lead-ins and live streams from Twitter on the home page of CREFla.com.

Responsive Lead Capturing:

Another great reason to have a website built on WordPress is the nearly endless choices to expand it’s capabilities by adding WordPress plug-ins and widgets. A contact form is a must for capturing leads. Agrotising added the Gravity Forms premium plug-in to CREFla.com. Gravity Forms not only captures the input and sends a nicely-formatted email but also houses the data within the admin area on the website. Great for keeping a history of captured leads. Contact data collected on the site is exportable as a CSV file for importing into a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.

Learn how Agrotising can help with your next website or marketing project. Call (954) 587-9093 or email us at inquiry@agrotising.com today to start the conversation.


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True Google 404 plugin helps transition visitors to new website.

Flashback Diner Website Redesign by Agrotising, Inc.Flashback Diner is a upscale 24-hour dining establishment with two locations – Hallandale Beach and Davie, Florida. Their old static website was in dire need of a redesign. Agrotising created the new website with WordPress and the Skeleton theme from Simple Themes. The design is responsive, meaning it identifies the device it is being viewed on – whether a computer, mobile phone or tablet – and automatically reformats the pages to display optimally based on the screen size.

But redesigning a website that has been on the Internet for sometime should not stop at the new site. There are external considerations that need to be addressed. For one, the old site files are indexed in search engines. You should also consider that other sites may be linking to the original website. Realizing this we incorporated the helpful WordPress plugin True Google 404, here’s why.

Click image for larger view.

By default when someone tries to reach a page that is not longer available or not found, a 404 error page loads that displays a message informing you that the page you were trying to reach was not found. What True Google 404 does is turn to Google for new pages indexed from the new website, and includes links to those pages that Google determines are similar to the page the viewer attempted to reach. It does this matching keywords from the original page request to those found in the new pages. This way the user is presented with linked choices from the new website.

Google First.
In order for this plugin to load new page suggestions, Google must index the pages from the new website. That is where Google Webmaster tools come in. By submitting a sitemap.xml file of the new site along with a robots.text file Google will visit the new site within days and update their index with the new site files.

What other best practices should be considered when launching a new website to replace an old one? Post your comments.

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5 Things Social Media Can’t Do For You

Social Media have changed our way of life completely. There have been visible changes in our interactions, the way we speak with each other and even in the manner we conduct our business. Now we very often come across words like “tweet” and “friend” in our daily parlance. But should we rely so much on social media? These are important communication tools, no doubt, but they are hardly the replacements for the old-fashioned way of speaking to each other en face. The social media can definitely help us to improve the marketing and customer relations program but there are certain things which it cannot do. For example, it cannot
1) Deliver quick success
You just cannot expect overnight success with social media. You just cannot expect that you will set up a Facebook or Twitter page and the results will come in 2 weeks. Do remember that at least 3 months are requires to lay the very foundation in social media. In this period you should not expect any results. The results will surely come but it will take time. Remember the turtle and hare story?
2) Replace the old-fashioned communication
Social media has changed the face of marketing and can prove powerful for small business owners who have limited resources. But business owners must be aware that any conversation representing the company must be strategic in nature. In these situations having a conversation over a cup of coffee is more fruitful than a Facebook post or a tweet.
3) Promise a following
Social media is not about the individuals or the business owners. It is what you can do for the many readers and the customers. You will find that the audience does not care about you; they just want to know how you can help them. If you are very helpful and readily available then they you will find value in your business and in you. Your results will be much better as soon as you realize these facts.
4) Ensure publicity
A small business owner may find very difficult to get noticed in this world of cut-throat competition. Most likely you will be one small fish in a vast ocean of established business concerns like Walmart, Targets and Amazons. Social media will help you to get noticed but if won’t guarantee your survival. The responsibility of social media ceases to exist as soon as you are in the eyesight of the consumer. But in order to survive in the business world the owner must develop customized strategies and better offerings.
5) Hide who you really are
If your business or products are not up the required standards then no amount of social media will save you from this. Social media is all about marketing your products and services; it does not guarantee quality of those. The quality of the products and services will depend a lot on the business owner. If there is no improvement in the standard of your products and services people will simply walk away.
It is beyond doubt that social media has made the task of individuals and business owners a lot easier but it does not imply that we can take things for granted. Social media is just a tool to complement our efforts to make the products and services of highest quality.

About the author: Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology. Beside this she is fond of Gadgets. Recently an article on Soundproof Windows attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Geeky pillows.

Image courtesy of Social Media Mafia.
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Great lead generation tutorial using WordPress

I was blown-away at this year’s Wordcamp Miami 2012 by a presentation given by Syed Balkhi, founder of WPBeginner titled Lead Generation with WordPress.

Mr. Balkhi told the packed auditorium of how he

“…got over 30,000 likes using a simple lead generation technique. Took my website to 5 Million pageviews, and more.”

The process he explained was a combination of clever strategizing and his effective use of WordPress plugins. The results he reported were nothing shy of amazing – 27,000 likes in one month. Better still, the total outlay for this campaign was $705.00, that’s a cost of just .026 per prospect!

Interested in seeing how he did it? Click here to read the step-by-step instructions with screen captures of the promotion.

If you love WordPress, you must check out WPBeginner. The name implies that the site is for beginners, which it is, but it is also for anyone who wants to benefit from a great resource about WordPress.

WordPress Update Released – Version 3.32 focuses on security updates

WordPress News announced on April 20th the release of WordPress version 3.32. This version addresses three external libraries that received security updates

  • Plupload (version 1.5.4), which WordPress uses for uploading media.
  • SWFUpload, which WordPress previously used for uploading media, and may still be in use by plugins.
  • SWFObject, which WordPress previously used to embed Flash content, and may still be in use by plugins and themes.

You can update to the latest version from your dashboard but remember to backup your database first and be sure to follow the recommended procedures from WordPress to ensure a smooth update.

Visit WordPress.Org for the full details.

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Guerilla marketing spotted in Plantation FL

I saw these stickers attached to light poles in my Plantation neighborhood. The owner is a painter who lives nearby. He puts his signs (which have the same branding as seen in this photo) in front of the houses when he paints. Guerilla marketing can be very effective. This is a good example.

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Clean office – Agrotising studio in Plantation FL

Just got done vacuuming the office and thought I would take a picture.


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WordPress posting from smartphone

I just connected my WordPress blog to my android smartphone using the WordPress app. Now I can post on the fly! This post was created from my smart phone – from taking the photo to writing the content. Too cool.


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