Need your sliding glass patio door repaired? Pocket door not working right? This is the guy.

Brian White - Owner, Accutrack Door Repair by BrianIf you need to psych yourself up before opening your sliding glass patio door I have a guy for you. Brian White of Accutrack Door Repair by Brian has been fixing those old, hard-to-open sliding glass doors for years.

I personally put up with the inconvenience of my old sliding glass door leading to my patio and pool area for years. I even removed it once thinking I could fix it but quickly abandoned that idea. Some things are better left to those who know what they are doing. Finally I had Brian come over and within a couple of hours my door went from a barrier to a life’s simple pleasure. Once Brian fixed my door, I actually looked forward to using it! Brian works hard for the money he charges, which I thought was very reasonable for the amount of time and parts it took to get it done right.

Did I mention Brian also repairs interior pocket doors without damaging the drywall? He designed a special tool that accomplishes amazing things.

Brian also repairs commercial manual storefront doors. How do I know all this? I designed his logo and website. Sure he is a customer, but Brian is also a friend and a small business I have hired. You can reach Brian by calling (954) 635-8169 or visit his fantastic website at  Tell him Chris sent you :-)

Accutrack Door Repair by Brian