Hartmann Injury Law logo design by Agrotising, Inc.When Attorney Rhonda Hartmann opened her own practice in Weston Florida after being with another local firm for years she turned to Agrotising for her new branding and website.

For this attorney specializing in personal injury, it was important to set herself apart from the previous firm by establishing her own brand. It was also critical to have this done quickly to minimize the transition period with her existing clients.

Agrotising started by designing a logo and stationery package and had Rhonda’s business cards printed quickly. Scroll down to see the other projects we designed for The Law Offices of Rhonda Hartmann, P.A. 

Rhonda Hartmann P.A. Corporate Identity by Agrotising, Inc.

Next we designed a mobile-friendly WordPress website and optimized it for greater search engine results.

The responsive design allows the site to automatically reformat based on the screen size. In the photo below the navigation bar has changed on the smart phone to an easy to read drop down list.

We also branded her Facebook business page by creating a logo for the profile image and utilized one of the digital stock images used on the website for cover image. Door signage was next as she moved into her new office.

Rhonda Hartmann P.A. Facebook page

Now that the branding is established and the website has launched Agrotising can continue to improve Rhonda’s business with e-newsletters, local lead generation, print design and more. If you’re starting a new business or ready to put some polish to your existing business give us a call at 954-587-9093 or send us an email to learn how we would help you. Agrotising, we grow business by design!