Cancelling a Yellow Pages (YP) marketing program? What you need to know before making the change.

How to transition away from YP Internet advertising.

Ending a relationship with YP can be scary. After all, they are the company that – in many cases – built your website and handles your online, and possibly print, marketing.

The first things you need to learn:

  • Do you own your domain name?
  • Who controls your website?
  • How much money is this change going to save you?
  • How much money is this change going to cost you?
  • And the biggest one of all…

Living and working from the road in our RV is always interesting. Yesterday I drove the scenic route to our campground outside Yosemite National Park. Note to self: Buy a navigation system with good road elevation and pitch information 😉


How will people find me online after YP?

If you are like one of my customers, YP programs can include banner ads, sponsored ads, landing pages and YP-affiliated search engines. There are better approaches. And they often cost less.

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