It’s not just about avoiding litigation, website accessibility is the right thing to do.

Whether you want to protect your business from web accessibility lawsuits, trying to assess how close you are to ADA compliance, or feeling overwhelmed after reading the official Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) – Accessibe is for you! 

Website accessibility is a topic on the rise. Pesonally I have been contacted by multiple customers asking if their site was ADA compatible and what it would take to make it so. The answer is Accessibe.

Below is a collection of educational articles to help familiarize yourself with this movement.

[With regards to the legislation or not] – why you should make your site accessible for people with disabilities

by Dekel Skoop COO at accessiBe

The Industries Most Impacted by Web Accessibility Lawsuits

by accessiBe

The Role of Accessibility in SEO

by Bill Sebald

Should you adopt Website Accessibility in your website?

The short answer is yes for many reasons. Learn more about how easy you can make your website fully compatible with very little effort.

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