What do you do?

I made a warm call to a lead the other day. The prospect came from a customer I provide website and marketing services to. This person did not know of me or my business other than the high praise coming from Scott Dowling at A1 Copy Tech.

The call went like this:

The business was working with a marketing company that her boss had grown to be unhappy with. “Too many charts and graphs” she said. “The call tracking reports show calls from people who we have already done work for” were some of the complaints.

“My boss just wants more calls” was what she said. So she is shopping and she really just wanted to learn what services I provide. “I just need to understand what you do really”, she said to me. But the real question is…

What would I do differently to get more leads for this business?

I have owned my design and marketing business for more than 35 years. Mostly helping mom and pop businesses and individual entrepreneurs. My experience and personal beliefs have molded what I offer to customers. That is not to say that I do not consider new approaches. In fact I look for new ways to effectively market everyday. Many do not pass the smell test with me. Those that do are often incorporated into my offerings.

I believe the way to more calls from the internet comes from a multi-step approach.

1. Get on your prospect’s radar

Who do you sell to? Do they know you exist? When they search for something you provide are they finding you? What can be done to heighten your awareness to them, without turning them off? A turnoff to me are paid ads at the top of a search. So I do not provide paid advertising placement. Not in my wheel house. What I do provide are ways to improve local ranking results for what your prospects are searching for.

2. Position your business as the local expert

There are many ways to raise awareness to those seeking your products or services. One of the highest benefit-to-cost approach is User Generated Content. Wikipedia describes user-generated content (UGC) as “…any form of content, such as images, videos, text, and audio, that has been posted by users on online platforms…”

Reviews are User Generated Content. People trust what other people say. In fact according to a 2020 article about online reviews statistics

“nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media when researching products or services in their local area.”

That is why I offer Reviews-Partner.com. Working side-by-side with customers reviews are constantly being added and monitored to their website and popular social media platforms including Google. Another benefit from Reviews-Partner is how the data is tracked. Sentiment trends are tracked and can be informative to address weak areas or promote areas of strength based on data – what customers are saying about your business. The system also makes it easy to show others you actively participate in conversations about your business by publicly responding to those who leave reviews, Thanking customers and being alerted when customers are not happy. The system provides tools to address poor reviews privately and discourages bad reviews from ever making it to the internet. Lastly Reviews-Partner showcases positive reviews by adding posts to your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Google Posts.

3. Content and SEO

Google’s main objective is to deliver the best user experience possible to its audience. A website is the digital home to a business and the only online property that a business owns and controls. What better place to cultivate a library of relevant information aimed at helping your local prospects? Google gobbles up and makes public this information because it helps their customers. That ongoing process helps to raise visibility in local search and better positions a business as an expert in their field.

The secret sauce for getting more calls without breaking the bank?

  1. Quality content increases visibility in search
  2. Increased visibility leads to more prospects researching your company
  3. A website with current, relevant, useful content builds credibility and authority
  4. User-generated content like reviews reinforces the decision to make contact with you

If this approach makes sense to you I invite you to call me. Start the conversation. Get in touch with Chris by phone or text at 954-587-9093. Or send an email to schedule your free consultation.

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PS: What else do I do?

Branding, website design and e-commerce websites, world-class website hosting, domain management, Google Local Marketing and general support for most things internet. Visit agrotising.com for more about my services and nomad lifestyle.

Image credit: Photos by Sema Martin on Unsplash

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