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Website Accessibility

It's not just about avoiding litigation, website accessibility is the right thing to do. Whether you want to protect your business from web accessibility lawsuits, trying to assess how close you are to ADA compliance, or feeling overwhelmed after reading the official Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) - Accessibe is for you!  Website

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Find what you love with Refind.com

Get a little bit smarter every day. Refind scans the entire web and picks what makes you smarter. Go deep where you want to expand your knowledge. And keep up with what matters to you with 10 personalized picks every day.  Using Refind is like having a personal cloud-based bookmarking system. Whenever I run

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Take Control of Your Domain

Everything you need to know about domain names and where to start. I regularly receive requests from my customers to "look into" a domain name renewal notice they receive in the mail or email. Researching this question is easy. Here are the steps to take and what to do if action is needed.

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What To Expect

From the first contact you will feel at ease. No high press sales tactics. Just the desire to help you. We are great listeners. So tell us about your business and why you called. You won’t regret it. Call or text Chris now at (954) 587-9093.

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